April 12, 2018

Violence is no solution

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Chemical weapons are abhorrent – so is blowing people to pieces with missiles….


April 11, 2018

The Ape’s revenge, or the Angel’s wisdom?

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Humans have been described as Ape descendants and Monkeys with shoes, but many persist in believing Humans are some sort of evolutionary high point. It has also been pointed out that Humans have the brains of beasts, medieval Institutions and the knowledge of the Gods. In other words we have knowledge and technology without Wisdom.

So perhaps it is not surprising that we constantly wage war s and the big and powerful get to the top and have all the money. Not surprising, but surely we are still evolving and must get to a bettor place – a fairer more peaceful world, where children, old people, the sick and disabled are cared for as a priority. This requires an acceptance of the facts and a commitment to change ourselves, however little, and so eventually change the Society we live in.

Humans are suspended somewhere between the Animals and the Angels. Both natures are needed, because to be only one or the other is not reality. We must welcome our animal nature as part of the magic of our natural world, but also develop our Angel nature – we are not animals trying to be Spiritual Beings but Spiritual Beings trying to give meaning to our animal nature and the space time existence we find ourselves in.

If we focus on this side of ourselves we are more likely to be compassionate and wise and less likely to seek violent and destructive solutions – like blowing people to pieces because they have poisoned others. However we are still Ape descendants and evolution is a slow process – I am not holding my breath, but breathing slowly, holding on to my connection with people of goodwill, wise and compassionate ancestors and future generations.

April 6, 2018

More stabbings in London…are the Police up to the job?

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More London stabbings – the solution is for our Society to provide better Education, especially early on, and a less polarised equal opportunities environment, support for a strong family culture and and for ZERO Tolerance from the Police, (which has worked well in New York.)

Crime in the UK has become the norm as have a drugs and gang culture. Police seem to have given up on anything but major crime – however the small things, if let go, lead to an acceptance of crime as being just one of those things. Time for more resources and funds all round and responsible action by Politicians who must be held account.

Otherwise the issues will escalate as more and more people, especially teenagers and gangs, take things in their own hands….

April 3, 2018

My Personal Ritual

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Now the weather is more clement I have been visiting the River again to greet the Great Spirit and ask the Goddesses, Gods and my personal Guides for Peace and Love in the World, in the U.K., in my Community and in our Sacred Grove. I then think of my family and friends and wish for Peace and Love in their Hearts, ending with a commitment to Peace, Love, and Gratitude deep in the Heart of my own Soul. I end this Ritual by chanting three times thrice and once again a Word connecting me with the Great Spirit, Ancestors, local and familial, and Teachers, past present and future. Blessings of Love and Peace to you all and to all Beings and Natures in the Apparent World, and in the Realms of Existence beyond.

Please feel feel to join me in this Ritual if you are passing by. Gillbride, Bard.

March 24, 2018

Creating meaning….

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No one chooses their species,body or place and time of birth. Our Souls are trying to make sense of where we find ourselves

March 17, 2018

My Credo, my Philosophy of Life

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Once we can understand that we are not Humans trying to become Spiritual Beings but Spiritual Beings experiencing what it is like being a Human, and learning from the process, the world becomes a different place. When we can see that Dogs and Horses, and indeed all animals and birds, all life, is the process of Spiritual as well as Physical development, the world changes too.

Then we can understand that all Beings not only belong to our Spiritual family but serve as our Teachers, our Gurus – especially when they disagree with us, challenge us or make life seemingly more difficult! When we realise that our life here is a School from which we can learn how to be Spirits in our various forms, then we can also understand that it is more important to answer Life’s questions than to ask “Why me, why now, why that, why them?

Perhaps we are here not to ask impossible questions but to answer them through how we live our lives, and to work with the Creative Forces, forging meaning both for ourselves and the World, maybe for the Universe, maybe for Worlds unimaginable in this present School of Life, in the realm of Space-Time. When we realise these things the World changes for the better and we can begin to understand and work together with our fellow Spirit Beings in what ever form they appear – to be kind and tread gently while taking the lead in creating better and more meaningful experiences for all, in every Realm of Existence.

March 15, 2018

Corbyn the Appeaser

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Many of us had high hopes for Corbyn – a man of undoubted integrity.  However to be a leader you need to combine integrity with other qualities, like firmness and good judgement.  His views that one should be cautious to condemn Russia over the Salisbury Nerve Agent assassination atempts, and collaborate with the Russians, are not helpful in the midst of a crisis however well meant.  History shows us that appeasing bullies often backfires – so good to hear that the Labour front bench have got him onside now.  Trusting his judgement going forward is another matter….

March 13, 2018

Corbyn and Trump have failed the Assertiveness Test

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Our country has been attacked in a cowardly way by an arrogant foreign power. May has so far spoken plainly but Corbyn and Trump have failed the test. The point is to be firm and clear without being aggressive or submissive. It is called being assertive – saying No without aggression or apology and not obfuscating. We are learning a lot from the Salisbury assassination attempt….

March 12, 2018

Chanting voices in the bathroom – a calm and energising influence

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While dozing in a warm bath just now my voice was suddenly taken over by a strange unworldly chanting – two voices alternating, one a deep dominating sound, the other higher pitched but querulous.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying but the language was rather like Tibetan or Ancient Sanskrit.  I let them blast away for a while, enjoying the rhythm and deep resonance enhanced by the bathroom acoustics.  They ended suddenly and without warning, leaving me feeling calm and energised.  This sort of thing has happened to me over the years, and seems to be a trans-rational phenomenon with no intellectual component, reminiscent of the speaking in tongues at the time of the Holy Pentecost.


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I opened up a cellophane packet containing some “Almost Wholemeal Sourdough” bread for breakfast and out popped a wee green beetle – he scuttled over the work top, fell to the floor and was eaten up by Mr Sam. Well his life was almost spared and Sam almost had some breakfast. I almost did not eat the bread, but on examination there was no evidence, or almost none, of alien activity – poor Mr Beetle, I hope his Soul finds another body soon – my toast and raspberry jam was almost the best I have ever tasted!

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