March 6, 2018

Downtime at Terstan

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its a bit of a down time at Terstan at the moment – I am getting over another infection with the help of anti and probiotics – 50 years of a neurological condition has left me with a dysfunctional bladder and I am prone to urinary infections so pretty well used to the routine, but they are nasty old bugs – better today but weak and no appetite yet.
Poor old Sammy is under the weather too – he went to the Vet this morning with an infection next to his left eye, and has some ointment – he has been inactive and subdued for a few days – so we have had lots of cuddles together, and he follows me around like the wee doggie he is.
Womenfolk have been helpful – thank you Penny and Sarah, and all of you for your good wishes – Sammy and I will be back to plague you all before too long…!


Thanks for so many good wishes for Sammy and me – his eye is much better and he has got his zest for life back again. I am also improving and eating again, but remain a bit weak and wobbly. So great news all round! Lots of love from us both x

I am not in denial but I really don’t wish to accept that I am in my eight decade and of course ageing a bit – so although weak and wobbly I will try to take Sammy for a short walk soon – adapt or become extinct – I may be a Dinosaur but I am not ready for extinction just yet…


February 20, 2018

Restoring the balance – we need to become more logical, but also to re-enchant the World

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The human being is an emotional animal contrary to the name for our species – Homo Sapiens. Research has shown that even the most intelligent of our species make decisions based on skilfully told emotional stories than on well sourced evidence based big data. This emotional determined behaviour was helpful when decisions were about escaping a lion or defending children from an enemy. But we are now in a scientific and technical environment too. However humans have not had time to evolve to make logical decisions needed in this arena. In fact this world has resulted in us being cut off from the being part of nature, a world where many relate only in a virtual sense through the ubiquitous computer screen, whether on tablet or phone. Dating is carried on this way too and many fear social contact and the outside natural world. So the solution is not so simple – humans need to acknowledge their emotionality and build on their intellectual and cognitive skills, but also to do the very opposite – live the symbolic life of Carl Jung, and re-enchant the world we live in through the Arts and Adventure. I hope our education system is up to this, because to make sure humans of the future are happy and fulfilled we have to develop both our rational nature while celebrating our place in the larger emotionally and instinctively driven Natural World.

February 19, 2018

Mole Hill find – ? Stone Age Axe

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I have always been a believer in Rabbit Burrow Archaeology – let the rabbits do the digging, but yesterday I took advantage of some large Mole Hills on the site of an ancient pre-historic “road” that goes through Lower Hams near my home. In the past I have found a Roman Coin, musket balls and William and Mary coin on this earthwork. The earthwork is certainly Iron Age fitting in with much other Iron Age material here, including the Danebury Hill Fort and our own Iron Age and Roman site at Houghton Down. Yesterday I found the moles had dug up this flint which appears to be shaped at one edge as an “axe”or animal skin scrapper. I guess that this could be an indication that this old Way might even be of Stone Age origin?

February 16, 2018

A February Ride in the evening Sun

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A sunset ride up to Hazeldown and back to Longstock via the Bridleway. Invigorating in the cold and needed a Whisky when I got back! Sarah Johns great company as always and the horses went well.

February 14, 2018

A Winter Ride

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Sarah and I enjoyed a cold but invigorating ride through Longstock after I had whizzed about in the arena for a while. Our horses, Sarah on Estrella and me on Sonadora, were in fine form

My Valentine…

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After 50 years of marriage Penny and I dont trade Valentine’s Cards – but she has just bought me a large mug of steaming tea x

February 13, 2018

Time to turn into a Frog – and await a royal Kiss…

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Its Valentine’s eve and dripping wet without – time for me to change into a Frog, hide under one of those big leaves amogst the rhubarb, enjoy the pitter-patter on my little roof and luxuriate in the moisture and puddles all around. I await a kiss from my Princess – but not too soon, it’s a lot of fun being a Frog here in Terstan Garden…

February 12, 2018

Like and Share to prove you Care!

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I get angry when a post is put up and I am told to share it – even worse if it says “I know which one of you will share this” or “I doubt many will be bothered to share this” However good the original post was there is no way I am going to share such a manipulative post. I mutter “Idiot” and move on….a metaphor for life in general perhaps…

February 10, 2018

Sammy under the table….

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Sam under the table unsuccessfully pretending he is not interested in what I am having for breakfast. He was rewarded for his thespian talents….

February 9, 2018

Terstan Wakes Up!

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Terstan means “Fast Flow” in the old Brythonic language that was spoken here in the Iron Age, related to modern Welsh. Many rivers end in “an” in this case short for afon or avon eg locally the Hampshire Avon, the Itchen, The Meon. (The An at Andover is different – On-dofer means Ash Tree (Welsh On) by the Water. The House was once probably built on the site of an old Mill, and the oldest bit now is probably early 1800s. This part of Longstock was known as Mill St, and The Domesday book records 6 mills in Stoche (Longstock) – only one still exists as a Mill at the Stockbridge end of the “street”

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