September 10, 2018

Grey haired Thistles…

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Old grey haired thistles in fading clothes, lives spent, nodding to each other in the meadows, in the coffee shop of Mother Nature, thinking of tea and bed.


Apes with shoes, nearer the animals than the Angels…

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Reading through Facebook posts my heart sinks at the emotional over reactions, the scapegoating, the polarised arguments, plain ignorance and scientific illiteracy. Humankind may be halfway between the Animals and the Angels but who was measuring? When things go well it is easy to be kind, loving and generous but not so easy when we feel threatened or under attack. Which comes first – Law-and-order or Equality and Freedom? When we don’t feel safe we may push for more Police and Soldiers, but when we are comfortable we support Freedom and Fair Deals for all.

At the moment people are not feeling safe or comfortable and we are hearing more and more extremist views as knee jerk populism comes to the fore, with fear and hatred of those different, simple solutions for complex issues. Without wishing to be too negative I am pessimistic about politics in general, especially yah boo politics and the demonisation of people because of their opinions. Humans are still nearer to the animals than the Angels and when you strip the paint off you will find apes wearing shoes. I yearn for a time when we can accept differences without condemning the strange, when we can come together for the common good – not just for our species, but for the sake of the world and all species. Am I a expecting too much?

August 27, 2018

Practising Gratitude

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The mistiness after rain, the soft touch of a water anointing branch, the return of the gentle green carpet of the Goddess, the freely given but intoxicating scent of Mother Nature, I greet and thank the Spirits of our Natural World for all that is good,in the past, now, and to come.

August 19, 2018

Feeling colder with age – and longevity

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As I age I feel the cold more. Even in the heatwave I had to keep warm, though I did go skyclad in the garden on a few very hot days. I used to be surprised at my grandmother and mother, and Penny’s mother wearing cardigans in hot weather. It seems that as we age our metabolic rate goes down and the subcutaneous fat thins. We eat less, and have to cover up more to maintain a normal core body temperature. And this core temperature is also lower in old people. The risk in severe cases of cold is hypothermia, a killer. But on the positive side research has shown that a lower calorie intake and feeling cold are associated with a longer life. So my advice to fellow oldies is don’t worry what people think – cuddle up to that hot water bottle, wear socks in bed, drink lots of warm drinks – and enjoy a longer and cosier life!

August 10, 2018

Dehumanising Burquas?

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Johnson has said that people wearing Burquas should be allowed to do so, but look like “letter boxes” and “bank robbers”. Is he demonstrating freedom of speech or is this offensive to a minority? Is being offensive part of free speech or does this sort of comment lead to more racism, or more radicalism? A Moslem lawyer on the radio this morning said that his comments were unacceptable because they were “dehumanising”. But is this not Johnson’s point – that people who wear clothes like this are dehumanising themselves or more likely dehumanised by their culture? This has led to an interesting debate, but there is a tendency by some to close down discussion by saying they are offended. So what? Being offended is indeed a part of a healthy democratic life, part of free speech. Bring it on! If no one is offended by this post I will be disappointed!

August 9, 2018

Sexual abuse in Christian Schools

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The Abbott of Downside School once came to my old school, Kings College, Taunton. He gave a sermon, and I never forgot his words “We prepare our boys for death” – now do we know what he meant?

To elaborate:

Having been the victim of a fumbling attempt at sexual abuse at Marsh Court School by Mr Hugh—Jones, the assistant Latin Master, I received a leavers warning talk from Mr Wright to watch out for “Pansies” at my Public School. As HJ was, in retrospect, so obviously one of those, I do not really believe that our upright Head Master really knew what a pansy was…I didn’t see any pansies, or did not know what to look for, at Kings College, Taunton, but well remember a Sermon by the Visiting Abbott of Downside School – who frightening declared “We prepare our boys for death”. Now I know what he really meant – death of the Soul through sexual abuse of boys by the Monks. Of course he did not mean that, but that is what his words mean to me now, hearing the appalling news about continuing sexual abuse of boys at Britain’s top Roman Catholic Boarding Schools, especially in the Junior part of those schools.

August 7, 2018

Let’s plant more trees and save the Earth from over heating…

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We are apparently near the point where the world gets hotter in an irreversible way. I spent several hours on Sunday in the cool of the New Forest. The micro climate was refreshing, and walking and exercise were pleasurable. There was an airy feel and a sense of being at home in the best place. The trees breathed oxygen out for us animals and we breathed out carbon dioxide which the leaves took in to give the trees life. When we came out of the Forest the heat was searing and exhausting, moving was difficult and we got some respite from the car’s energy using air conditioning.

More than ever I realised how much this planet needs trees, and more trees. The whole planet now needs to keep its trees, and plant more and more of them. We are essentially a forest people and the planet functions most equably when it is covered in living, breathing,trees the natural air conditioning system of Earth.

July 25, 2018

The River Test, flows on – but does need water….

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The River Test is an ancient waterway and the overall river management is coordinated by Natural England. The whole river system within the County of Hampshire is also a Site of Special Scientific Interest SSSI and strictly regulated. The are many ditches and sluices and the overall aim I understand is to flood the water meadows without flooding the villages along the length of the river. So all Landowners and Leaseholders by this river are obliged to fit in with an overall strategy to increase the environmental aspects of the River and its Valley while working together with Fishing, Farming and Recreational interests. But to flood the meadows we do need plenty of water stored in the Chalk Downlands, like sponges, each side of the Upper and Mid Test Valley – sponges that need rain to keep the river flowing….

Adapting to the heatwave

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The heatwave grinds on all over the Northern Hemisphere with deaths in many countries, and major tragedies in Greece and Japan. We are to expect this trend to continue and worsen over the next few decades even if we all agree to slow down Global Warming and Climate Change. Us old people find it harder to personally adapt to continuous heat and there are increasing deaths. The garden and farm need a good dose of rain and here at Terstan we have been exploring drought resistant planting. My brother David and my sisters Isobel and Jane are growing long rooted grasses and Lucerne on the farm with some success – we will all have to adapt to survive, or become extinct a bit earlier than predicted

July 22, 2018

What do you mean by your “Inner Guides”?

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My Inner Guides

No simple answer to a complex question, but it is about intuition and connection to trans-rational aspects of existence. I have several inner guides that I can consult, and who can alert me. To understand what I am saying you need to open your mind to what Carl Jung called the Collective Unconscious and the Archetypes, like for instance the Animus, the male psychological part of a woman, or the Anima, the female aspect to male identity. There is also a Spiritual, as opposed to religious side to Inner Guides, who may be Ancestors, Animals, Trees, Stones, Dragons, Angels, Historical figures or Human entities operating across the boundaries of time and place. If that interests you read Jung’s book “Memories, Dreams and Reflections”. This is an impromptu response to your question I know, but hope you can understand what I am saying – many people are not experienced in or are frightened of the realm of the trans-rational, but you can develop this side of yourself though poetry, art, music, and visualisation meditation techniques. In my case I have always had innate ability in this area, but am enhancing this as I come to the last few years of my life here by studying Druidry and being part of this ancient tradition and making it central to my life.

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