October 21, 2017

Tedros – cutting off his nose to spite his face?

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Dr Tedros, from Ethiopia, was elected with a mandate to tackle perceived politicisation in the World Health Organisation – but he appoints the 94 year old Mugabe, who has a terrible track record on Health provision and Human Rights as a WHO Ambassador!  Just because a person is black, white or brown does not make them the best person for the job, and this decision of Tedros seems to have back fired – an own goal.

The same applies to getting any job, entrance to University or a political post – merit rather than colour should matter most.  But this only works if the goal posts are the same for everyone – and they are not.  To be fair to all, whatever gender, creed or colour, there must be equal opportunities from birth onwards in terms of health, wealth and education.  Tedros may be highlighting an important issue, but there is really no point in cutting off your nose to spite your face.


Uncle Shi is not amused….no freedom of speech in China

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Amused but also sickened that each time the BBC reporter on the Radio is remotely critical of China or Uncle Shi they get cut off! Uncle Shi is listening – and is not keen on dissent…..

October 19, 2017

The dramatic decline in flying insects – more important news than Brexit or Trump

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Forget Trump and Brexit – they are only blips in history, – this is far more important in the long term, as are Climate Change and Global Warming. This is about the long term environment of our World, and something all Nations should be uniting to understand and act on. I live on an Organic Farm which also aims to achieve high environmental standards, but for the second year running I have seen few wasps, although still plenty of butterflies. But most of the surrounding farms are not organic. This must change for the sake of us all, especially future generations. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-41670472

October 18, 2017

#metoo – its not just women that are sexually abused

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#metoo Many boys have been sexually assaulted too, mostly by men but sometimes, as I know from my professional practice, by women. Mr Hugh-Jones, Junior Latin Master at Marsh Court School in about 1957, made me sit on his lap and cuddled me. When I felt something large and hot rising beneath me I struggled and fled. He then blackened my name with the School. I never told anyone, because I knew that adults did not believe kids and I would end up worse off. A narrow escape but it helped me to empathise with many women and children in my career as a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist – and hopefully believe and help them.

October 17, 2017

Hillary Clinton – an impressive woman ahead of her time

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Hillary Clinton broke a metatarsal bone in her foot on the way to talk to BBCs Woman’s hour yesterday. This morning she was able to give an interview – and it was impressive. What came out of it for me was the honest and clear way she described her dealings with men in politics, including the time Trump lurked behind her in a Presidential election TV show, and tried to intimidate her.

She was clear about how women have to prove that they are very much better than men in politics – the glass ceiling – and how some powerful men can lie, be aggressive and act as sexual predators in a way that women cannot. She pointed out that it is not just Trump that acts in this way, but leading figures in British politics too.

She feared for Democracy’s future in the US and in the world, but was positive that women together can get back up, and work for a fairer and better future.

Hillary is a woman ahead of her time, but one that can be prophetic about the future. I felt awed by her candour, but as a man, ashamed of the bullying, lying and sexual exploitation men are capable of.

Men as well as women, have much that is positive, kind and sincere to contribute – but we have to work on integrating the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves in a creative way in the interests of a kinder, fairer Society where equal opportunities are paramount.

October 15, 2017

The medical profession is not an organ of government….we should not collude with political abuse….

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Any doctor or nurse asking me if I’m gay or straight will get popped! The medical profession must not be used by the government to collect private information. This is an abuse of political power and if the medical or nursing folk do this they should be taken to Court for professional abuse…..we don’t yet live in a totalitarianism State…..

October 14, 2017

A memorable night grounded on Foulness Island

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Listening to the Radio this morning and they are discussing: Where is the most unusual place you have ever slept?

As a medical student I once crewed for a Consultant Oral Surgeon and his wife on their sailing boat. We managed to get grounded off Foulness Island on the mud and had to spend the night there till the tide turned. He gave me a Tutorial on the Anatomy of the Tongue in the evening, and then we went to sleep rolled up in the sails – they had the Main and I had the Jib.

Imagine how delighted I was a few weeks later taking my Exams when the first question was “Describe the Anatomy of the Tongue” I remembered what I had been taught “The Lingual Nerve took a swerve around the Hyoglossus – well I’be f***d said Wharton’s Duct, the buggers double crossed us!”

October 9, 2017

Any excuse for a Party! Celebrating the Russian Revolution 50 years ago.

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The Russian Revolution was 100 years ago. I remember being fascinated by Russia and Communism at School, and visited Leningrad in 1961 when I was 17. I was stunned by the beauty of our waitress on our ship, the Estonia, and entranced by the dark eyed blonde girls I found in that friendly country.

I came home even more interested in Russia but less impressed with how Communism worked in practice. My father and I, both Alexanders, met several other Russian Alexanders  – a cause for great merriment and hand shaking.

I inevitably returned to England with a Russian fur hat, and this was put to good use by us medical students at the London Hospital drunkenly celebrating the Russian Revolution 50 years ago – any excuse for party!

October 7, 2017

The Dance of the Zombies – flu jab time again!

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Full moon yesterday and today The Dance of the Zombies as we shuffle along – the halt, the crippled, the aged and the asthmatic – for our annual flu jab….left or right arm? And in a twinkle of the needle’s eye the deed is done. But all the evidence says kids are the ones to have the jab, not us old ones – because they are the ones to spread diseases and the jab is not so effective in the elderly. The dance goes on “The itch, the stitch, the gallop, the gout, the plague within, the plague without,the plague that flies all round about”

October 1, 2017

Tribalism blights our world – transforming distrust into trust by becoming Internationalists

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Autumn winds and rain and bleating Party politicians, here and worldwide, blight another Sunday. Tribalism in America, tribalism in Spain and tribalism in the UK fills the News Channels. And this tribalism goes back a long way – back to the territorial tribalism of the Chimpanzees. It’s in our genes. We have to own this, but go beyond biology and history to meet our fellow humans on a higher level – as brothers and sisters travelling together on Planet Earth.

The past is a foreign country to which we can never return. But we can learn, perhaps, not to re-live the self-destructive territorial, race, or religious battles of the past. Now is the time to listen to people with different experiences and needs from us, now is the time to be Internationalists linked together to make the world a better and fairer place, and tackle together increasing population, disease, famine, war, refugees and our common enemy – global warming and climate change.

Sometimes it seems that this can never happen and that we are trapped in viscious cycles of hate and distrust beyond our control. We cannot control others but we can try to transform the hate and fear in our own lives and in our relationship with others on a small scale. We have all to become Alchemists – transmuting base metal into gold, fear into trust. I wonder how much each of us can achieve in one little life? But a journey of a hundred miles begins with a single step….maybe a single life.

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