February 16, 2018

A February Ride in the evening Sun

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A sunset ride up to Hazeldown and back to Longstock via the Bridleway. Invigorating in the cold and needed a Whisky when I got back! Sarah Johns great company as always and the horses went well.


February 14, 2018

A Winter Ride

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Sarah and I enjoyed a cold but invigorating ride through Longstock after I had whizzed about in the arena for a while. Our horses, Sarah on Estrella and me on Sonadora, were in fine form

My Valentine…

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After 50 years of marriage Penny and I dont trade Valentine’s Cards – but she has just bought me a large mug of steaming tea x

February 13, 2018

Time to turn into a Frog – and await a royal Kiss…

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Its Valentine’s eve and dripping wet without – time for me to change into a Frog, hide under one of those big leaves amogst the rhubarb, enjoy the pitter-patter on my little roof and luxuriate in the moisture and puddles all around. I await a kiss from my Princess – but not too soon, it’s a lot of fun being a Frog here in Terstan Garden…

February 12, 2018

Like and Share to prove you Care!

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I get angry when a post is put up and I am told to share it – even worse if it says “I know which one of you will share this” or “I doubt many will be bothered to share this” However good the original post was there is no way I am going to share such a manipulative post. I mutter “Idiot” and move on….a metaphor for life in general perhaps…

February 10, 2018

Sammy under the table….

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Sam under the table unsuccessfully pretending he is not interested in what I am having for breakfast. He was rewarded for his thespian talents….

February 9, 2018

Terstan Wakes Up!

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Terstan means “Fast Flow” in the old Brythonic language that was spoken here in the Iron Age, related to modern Welsh. Many rivers end in “an” in this case short for afon or avon eg locally the Hampshire Avon, the Itchen, The Meon. (The An at Andover is different – On-dofer means Ash Tree (Welsh On) by the Water. The House was once probably built on the site of an old Mill, and the oldest bit now is probably early 1800s. This part of Longstock was known as Mill St, and The Domesday book records 6 mills in Stoche (Longstock) – only one still exists as a Mill at the Stockbridge end of the “street”

February 8, 2018

LGBTQI etc? Are labels like this really helpful? Or “Vive la difference”……

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LGBTQI etc! The Ancient Greeks expressed their gender and sexual behaviour in many ways – but they had no label for gay, let alone all the other possibilities and permutations manifest in animal behaviour, including human…So it was so good to hear Sir Ian McKellen, a gay man, making the point this morning that the ever increasing use of labels is unhelpful and misleading. Labels may have a place, for instance “Arthritis” making it possible for patients to get the right treatment, but to label so many shades of human behaviour can be polarising and lead to discrimination and worse. Let’s all just celebrate who we are and enjoy variety, said to be the spice of life – and say, as the French do “Vive la difference!”

February 4, 2018

Minister, your God is my Devil

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Just heard on the radio an American Christian Minister condemning me to Hell. Apparently he loves me but God has said that the only way to get to Him is through Jesus. God also made it clear in the Bible that Marriage is only for men and women. The Minister seems to be the only one that knows what “God” says because he is a Christian I suppose. Was it John Wessley who told someone like him that “Your God is my Devil”…? This man says I am doomed…well he, and those like him, should know that I shall have more fun with my friends in Hell than I would in the other place with self important and cruel bigots like the Minister.

February 1, 2018

The Sacred Flame is re-ingited and milk offered to Brighid

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We celebrated Imbolc in the Terstan Stones today, re-igniting the Sacred Flame of the Goddess Brighid and offering a Libation of milk. A small group, but great chanting just as the Sun went down. Peace and Blessings to all Beings and all Nature, looking forward to Spring and Rebirths in the many Realms of Existence, and honour to the Ancestors who have trod this path before us, and hope and love to all who follow 💥

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