May 17, 2018

Laurel or Yanny? The wider significance

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Laurel or Yanny? Did you try this? The first time I listened on my Desktop and heard an unmistakeable “Laurel”. It seemed crazy to suggest the sound was something else. Then I heard it on TV, and later the radio, then on my IPad – all clearly and unequivocally “Yanny”

This is not just a trick of the brain interpreting as best it can from a poor recording. This has implications more generally, in communication and personal beliefs systems. It is a lesson in humility – the obvious may not be obvious to others, what they hear may be different to what we hear. Rather than being Right or Wrong things are more likely to be complex, more or less correct, possible or probable – being definite or dogmatic can alienate and polarise, but we are all One within a creative range of differences. An Ancient Greek Philosopher suggested that there was only one basic issue – the Problem of the Many and the One.


May 15, 2018

Re Enchanting a Divided World

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Long ago I became disillusioned with the Christian Religion I was taught as a chld, and have come to see all the Abrahamic Religions as unhelpful, territorial, power focussed and polarising. Buddhism was a focus for me for several years, but was always alien and somewhat severe. Today I visited the River and connected with the Great Spirit of Nature and brought to mind the conflicts in America, the Middle East in particular. Chanting Sacred Words of Wisdom and Magic I conducted a Ritual for Peace, Understanding and Compassion in the troubled world around me, and so in a small way sending Blessings to those fearful or enraged at this time by the unfairness of an unjust world. May the Powers of Goodness and Wisdom prevail here in this apparent and transitory world, and in the Realms of all Existences 💥💥💥

May 11, 2018

Imagination – my friend always

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I remember reading something I was not meant to see just before leaving Marsh Court School aged 13. It was a note at the end of a report from my Masters to the Masters at my next school, Kings College, Taunton. “Burnfield has far too much imagination for his own good”. I was perplexed – how could anyone have too much imagination? I was sent off to Marsh Court to live as a Boarder at the age of 7 – a great cultural shock, a very different place from the family farm, and the down to earth folk working there. School was a scary place, and I remember I was for a while given the nickname “Oi” because of my local village accent “Oi wuz up the playing fields, Zur” I soon learned to escape into a world of fantasy, read books continuously and so protected myself from the hard reality of school, stern Masters, boys with toff voices and and an over high opinion of themselves, and an almost monastic routine. I developed my imagination, a friend to me always, a way of connecting with a loving and magical world where I could be in control – and I am so grateful!

May 10, 2018

Laughing Dragons!

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Have you ever heard Dragons laughing? I thought I would give my a dragon friends a treat as they are always so generous with their advice and Wisdom – so I invited them to come and share my mug of tea in the garden – to say thank you. They came, large and small and all colours – and they laughed with joy, wonderful and varied magical laughter, some loud and deep but other laughing like tinkling bells! Such fun, I shall do this often. Blessings and Gratitude for the energy, wisdom and good magic of Dragons 💥💥💥💥💥💥

May 3, 2018

The Nightingale Experience – loss of nesting places….

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Helen Macdonald spoke eloquently on the radio this morning about our natural world and lost connections with it. If people don’t know what a Nightingale is they can never understand the experience of being a Nightingale and how it senses the world around it.

In wood near Helen Nightingales can no longer nest – imagine the pressures on the Nightingale family as their wood is changed by increasing encroachment of deer, destroying more and more nesting places. The wood is still beautiful to humans and deer, but ugly to Nightingales. Goodbye Nightingales…

May 2, 2018

Working with my Dragon Guide

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I had a couple of issues with people recently who have not been delivering on promises, even after polite reminders. I found myself getting angry about this just before going to sleep last night – so decided to put my Dragon Work into action! I called my Dragon Guide using an imaginary ritual, explained the issues, and asked for advice. I expected maybe to see things in a new light in the morning, but within 20 minutes I got two clear and unambiguous solutions, and was able to drop into a peaceful sleep for the rest of the night. I am now acting on this helpful advice from my Dragon, and getting good results! My Dragon is a secretive creature and has asked me not to reveal her advice to others and I respect this.

May 1, 2018

Time to frolic and dance

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It’s May Day, Beltane, time to celebrate the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer. This morning the Sun is shining, the trees are in leaf and the bright flowers smiling. A noisy cuckoo flies over me. I begin chanting the Sacred Word connecting me with the Earth, my fellow men and women and the Otherworld beyond Space Time in the realm of the trans-rational. I feel the Magic as I come back from the River and meet a lone Goose – we talk for a while and then she flies off. For once Sam, my wee white dog is still, and watches, not trying to chase. Does he feel the Magic too? Let us all join in the Dance of Life, jump over the Fires and swing round the Maypole – things are moving deep in the Forest and Lord Sun is waxing strong, Lady Moon is beautiful in her finery!

April 29, 2018

No Obesity problem in the 1950s

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I can only remember one fat boy at Marsh Court in the 1950s – and he was not very fat. It was a boarding. School and the Headmaster and his wife opened a Sweet Shop for us boys twice a week when we could spend our pocket money – usually a Wagon wheel and a piece of liquorice, or a Fry’s cream chocolate bar and a packet of Spangles. No one dared spend more than 6 pence at a time or eyebrows would be raised….a menacing sign. War time rationing was still in progress and food was basic – rabbit stew, dripping on toast and occasionally cocoa – which we called ditch water. Sport was all afternoon every day plus at regular gym sessions, except on Sundays when we went for long walks in the countryside or played unsupervised In the woods. Most of us carried knives – sheath knives kept on the belt, used for whittling wood and sharpening pencils. They were about 4 inches long and very sharp. No one was daft enough to fight with knives, but play fighting and gangs featured prominently in our lives. Most of the Masters, including the Head, had been Officers in the late War, and discilpline was strict in class. No one spoke unless asked to in class and we all stood if a lady entered the room. A different culture, but a hard one. There were no counsellors or counselling sessions but Matron was kind and supportive. It probably needed a War and Austerity to create that culture but it was good for your health and fostered loyalty and learning.

April 28, 2018

Who cares in the Party system? Who has the moral high ground?

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One thing that gets my goat is the accusation by one politician to another that they “dont care!”I have just heard Labour’s Diane Abbott say that about Mr Gove, a Tory. There is a strange belief by Labour in particular that they always have the moral high ground – that only they care. What rubbish! I personally belong to the Green Party (because I care lol) – no political Party has a monopoly of care, but they advocate how they think a caring Society should best manage a complex set of issues in a complicated country. Let’s have no more of this personal abusive in Politics – surely MPs should lead the way? Bad mark for Miss Abbott!

April 17, 2018

Nuclear Weapons are worse than Chemical Weapons aren’t they?

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If it’s “morally and legally right to destroy Chemical Weapons sites (Theresa May), then surely it’s even more morally and legally right to destroy Nuclear Weapons sites?

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