July 4, 2018

Bert the Bogger – memories from 1958

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The “sit down toilets” in Fort George, an ugly toilet block at my new boarding school, Kings College, Taunton, did not have doors….there was a long row of these facing a corridor and then a whitewashed wall. I was 13 and this was 1958 and for a shy boy like me this was to say the least anxiety making. However even more stressful, as one sat on ones throne, was to hear “Bert the Bogger” with his bucket and mop talking to boys also on their thrones down the row. As he and his clanking bucket got nearer panic set in, but there was no escape. There he was, brown coated, mop in hand, friendly and sociable as always, peering into my open doored closet discussing the weather or cricket! I can’t remember when they put doors in, but now there are girls as well as boys at the school I expect things have changed – or is there now a Fort Mandy and a lady Bogger with pink coat and who discusses Hockey as they sit on there thrones?


June 28, 2018

Growing Fascist tendencies in the world

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Just been listening to Madeleine Albright talking about her book “Fascism: A Warning” – there is an increasing awareness that populist movements in the US, Turkey, Hungry and Poland are on the verge of Fascism. But what exactly is Fascism? It seems to begin with a culture of not listening to other people’s views if they conflict with the majority, and then persecuting minority groups not agreeing with the majority tribal view. What Fascist thinkers dislike most is a free press and media, and opposition in any form. These majority tribes can develop from Left or Right wing ideologies. Professor Jordan Peterson suggests that PC culture has these undemocratic tendencies, together with any intolerance of others with different views from our own. To quote him “The views of the individual should never be sacrificed to the Tribe”. Free speech, which will always offend someone, is sacrosanct in a truly open and democratic community.

June 16, 2018

Who exactly was Karl Hundason?

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Karl Hundason – “Peasant Son of a Bitch”

Who really was a Karl? Was this an insulting name given to the troublesome King Mac Beth by Earl Thorfinn? (This excerpt is from Wiki)

The Orkneyinga Saga says that a dispute between Thorfinn Sigurdsson, Earl of Orkney, and Karl Hundason began when Karl Hundason became “King of Scots” and claimed Caithness. The identity of Karl Hundason, unknown to Scots and Irish sources, has long been a matter of dispute, and it is far from clear that the matter is settled. The most common assumption is that Karl Hundason was an insulting byname (Old Norse for “Churl, son of a Dog”) given to Macbeth by his enemies. William Forbes Skene’s suggestion that he was Duncan I of Scotland has been revived in recent years. Lastly, the idea that the whole affair is a poetic invention has been raised.

According to the Orkneyinga Saga, in the war which followed, Thorfinn defeated Karl in a sea-battle off Deerness at the east end of the Orkney Mainland. Then Karl’s nephew Mutatan or Muddan, appointed to rule Caithness for him, was killed at Thurso by Thorkel the Fosterer. Finally, a great battle at Tarbat Ness on the south side of the Dornoch Firth ended with Karl defeated and fugitive or dead. Thorfinn, the saga says, then marched south through Scotland as far as Fife, burning and plundering as he passed. A later note in the saga claims that Thorfinn won nine Scottish earldoms.

Whoever Karl Hundason may have been, it appears that the saga is reporting a local conflict with a Scots ruler of Moray or Ross:

[T]he whole narrative is consistent with the idea that the struggle of Thorfinn and Karl is a continuation of that which had been waged since the ninth century by the Orkney earls, notably Sigurd Rognvald’s son, Ljot, and Sigurd the Stout, against the princes or mormaers of Moray, Sutherland, Ross, and Argyll, and that, in fine, Malcolm and Karl were mormaers of one of these four provinces.

June 13, 2018

Introducing Fred the Wheeler – a mobility aid that frees the body and the spirit!

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I am now using a walker with wheels to get exercise without falling over, and to take the strain off my gammy right knee. I can go fast, and when tired, sit down on it and enjoy a new view. It belonged to my mother who used it after her hip replacements. I am a bit self conscious about being seen in public with this, but it is proving so useful that I will have to man-up and deal with my vanity, which I have not yet eradicated from my Ego – but old age really helps you see what is important in life and not to attach to a self that no longer exists. Sam loves my Wheeler and Penny Burnfield calls it “Fred”. This morning Fred, Sam and I went for a walk round in the garden, and we found o lovely view and thanked the Spirit of Sun for Light and Life, before I did some joyful chanting – Blessings of the Bright Light to you all and don’t forget to dance and love one another at this time as the lengthening days herald the Summer Solstice and St John’s Day 💥💥💥

June 12, 2018

Onward into old age!

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Yay! Signed off by the Urologist today, no more appointments, just gotta keep my flow in an out in good amount and not get dehydrated. Only one more appointment to go – with the Knee people at the end of July, then I am set up for a healthy and disruptive old age ! Always mindful of Gypsy Margaret’s advice – keep moving and keep drinking, and my addition, keep annoying people….

June 5, 2018

I kindle this little light

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I kindle this little light on the earth plane

I dedicate it to the service of the Spirit.

I guard and cherish this light as a living symbol,

and an act of faith in the reality of the powers of Light


May 23, 2018

A Philosophical Definition of Spacetime

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A restless night, but out of it came a Philosophical definition of Spacetime. I got out of bed and wrote these words down at 5 o’clock in the morning on my Google Keep:

“Spacetime – a random series of irreversible moments in which change is inevitable and choice, transformation and the creation of meaning possible”.

Back into bed for a couple of hours better sleep!

May 17, 2018

Laurel or Yanny? The wider significance

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Laurel or Yanny? Did you try this? The first time I listened on my Desktop and heard an unmistakeable “Laurel”. It seemed crazy to suggest the sound was something else. Then I heard it on TV, and later the radio, then on my IPad – all clearly and unequivocally “Yanny”

This is not just a trick of the brain interpreting as best it can from a poor recording. This has implications more generally, in communication and personal beliefs systems. It is a lesson in humility – the obvious may not be obvious to others, what they hear may be different to what we hear. Rather than being Right or Wrong things are more likely to be complex, more or less correct, possible or probable – being definite or dogmatic can alienate and polarise, but we are all One within a creative range of differences. An Ancient Greek Philosopher suggested that there was only one basic issue – the Problem of the Many and the One.

May 15, 2018

Re Enchanting a Divided World

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Long ago I became disillusioned with the Christian Religion I was taught as a chld, and have come to see all the Abrahamic Religions as unhelpful, territorial, power focussed and polarising. Buddhism was a focus for me for several years, but was always alien and somewhat severe. Today I visited the River and connected with the Great Spirit of Nature and brought to mind the conflicts in America, the Middle East in particular. Chanting Sacred Words of Wisdom and Magic I conducted a Ritual for Peace, Understanding and Compassion in the troubled world around me, and so in a small way sending Blessings to those fearful or enraged at this time by the unfairness of an unjust world. May the Powers of Goodness and Wisdom prevail here in this apparent and transitory world, and in the Realms of all Existences 💥💥💥

May 11, 2018

Imagination – my friend always

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I remember reading something I was not meant to see just before leaving Marsh Court School aged 13. It was a note at the end of a report from my Masters to the Masters at my next school, Kings College, Taunton. “Burnfield has far too much imagination for his own good”. I was perplexed – how could anyone have too much imagination? I was sent off to Marsh Court to live as a Boarder at the age of 7 – a great cultural shock, a very different place from the family farm, and the down to earth folk working there. School was a scary place, and I remember I was for a while given the nickname “Oi” because of my local village accent “Oi wuz up the playing fields, Zur” I soon learned to escape into a world of fantasy, read books continuously and so protected myself from the hard reality of school, stern Masters, boys with toff voices and and an over high opinion of themselves, and an almost monastic routine. I developed my imagination, a friend to me always, a way of connecting with a loving and magical world where I could be in control – and I am so grateful!

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