July 19, 2017

Top BBC earners – are they worth the enormous salaries we pay them?

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Top BBC Presenters are embarrassed that their enormous salaries are now public knowledge….we should certainly know this since we pay this out of our BBC Licence fees.  Are they worth it?  It is an international market but even so people earning more than 10 times the minimum wage have big responsibilities to the rest of Society.

July 17, 2017

A Summer walk by the River Test

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A warm sunny morning with bright blue sky – Sammy and me just kept going on our walk – the river sparkling in between tree shadow, the scent of the peaty earth and the river bank, purple loosestrife, quiet swans, the music of birdsong – soggy sandals and wet feet – and wet bum too from occasional rests – even Sammy was tired when we came back by the contented horses munching their grass – to home and a good long drink for us both…

July 11, 2017

Labour’s Rebecca Long-Bailey ‘won’t use morally wrong Uber’

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While I respect her opinion I think she is living in the past. The world has changed and Uber and other “Gig” enterprises are here to stay. They mean freedom, efficiency and independence, and cheaper for customers. But I agree the whole area of benefits, sick leave and holidays should be upgraded if that is what these drivers, delivery men and plumbers want – but it would cut thir income and make them more dependent….I can see the Labour might like that.

July 9, 2017

Bribery for votes?

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May and her Government have been legally challenged about the money for votes agreement with the DUP. Whether this will hold or not is dependant upon the established legal procedures, but it seems clear to me that bunging a Billion quid to Foster and her right wing Northern Irish colleagues – to doll out in exchange for votes to keep May in office – is a form of Bribery, morally anyway. And she may be breaking the Good Friday Treaty, internationally legalised, with the Irish Republic too.

July 4, 2017

Public Services should not be run to make or save money

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I just heard a guy on the radio suggesting that “Public Services have for many years been considered a milch cow for the private sector.” Yes, this has always seemed a major problem for me. Services should surely meet the needs of sick, poor and vulnerable children, adults and old people and paid for by our taxes – not run as businesses geared to make a profit for either the private sector or government. The same must apply to transport. Trains and buses for example should best be run as Services rather than as money making operations designed to save or make money. All this costs a great deal, and this must must be raised from the better off in society, whether individuals or business, with contributions from the rest in proportion to their abilities. I have always thought that the dictum “From each according their ability to each according to their need” is an ideal worth aspiring to. How this is done is a question that needs better answers than we have at present, and these answers may determine a major change in the political system. We can’t go on as we are with the rich getting richer and poor poorer. A fairer Society is in the interests of the rich and the poor, and for us all. I would like to see a movement in this country a bit like that of Macron in France, but I understand that to start a political party like his is “illegal” in Britain….

June 27, 2017

Hagstone – to keep witches away….

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A knarled old countryman has just presented me with this:
“Yers a Hagstone for eee, to keep the Witches away”. I wonder why he should think I should want to keep the Witches away? My life is full of Witches, young and old, and I don’t know what I would do without them…🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

June 25, 2017

Obi Cornyn!

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What will not help Corbyn or this country is to turn him into a cult leader.  I have even seen Obi Cornyn T shirts for sale.  Once he becomes a focus for populists who wish to blame anyone but themselves for Society’s failures then he can no longer be a serious politician.  Appearing at Glastonbury as he did yesterday was not in my opinion sensible.  He might become more popular with youth but less so with those with a knowledge of history.

June 24, 2017

Ledsom- is it patriotic to suggest reporting should be more patriotic?

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Just heard Andrea Ledsom, possibly the next Tory MP to replace May,  pronounce on the radio that – it would be helpful if some media reporting was more patriotic.  Smells of Trump.  Any attempt to change the truth to suit the government smacks of dictatorship.  Perhaps it is also unpatriotic…..

June 19, 2017

A terrorist attack by an Islamophobic far right white supremacist must be condemned by all of us

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A terrorist attack on Moslems in London by a bigoted, angry man from the intolerant far right, fuelled by a context of rising Islamophobia in this country. Let us stand by our brothers and sisters affected and let them know we not only care but condemn this white supremacy nonsense. We are all of migrant origin through the years and it is wonderful to live in this country of diverse origins and cultures.

June 18, 2017

When the capitalist rot set in – NHS Health Care Trusts

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Capitalism at its worst.  I can remember when I first noticed the rot set in.  In the  80s our Family Consultacy Service became part of a local Health Care Trust.  The Finance Director came to see me, the Consultant Psychiatrist, and said I had to see twice as many patients per session as there was now a market.  The reason?  So I could be more efficient and save the Trust money.  I refused – and told him that my job was to do the best for my patients and offer the best Service available to children and teenagers.  His eyebrows furrowed and he looked perplexed.  And he said again “But you can’t do that – it’s not efficient – we have to make money.”  So much for health, care, trust and service…..

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