March 18, 2017

Donald Trump – Spirit Being trying to make sense of his place in a Physical World

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Let us not forget who we are, or who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump, like you and me is a Spirit Being trying to make sense of the body and world he has been born into….his particular lesson in this space time is to create meaning with the love and understanding of all Beings in this Physical realm and in the trans-rational Realm permeating space-time, and beyond. We have mostly forgotten who we are and have to re-discover this in our struggles together, and to remember our interconnectedness with All that is. May the Blessings of all Beings in the Physical and Spirit Realms give him Understanding and Wisdom.

March 14, 2017

The School for Spirits

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Once we can understand that we are not Humans trying to become Spiritual Beings but Spiritual Beings experiencing what it is like being a Human, and learning from the process, the world becomes a different place. When we can see that Dogs and Horses, and indeed all animals and birds, all life, is the process of Spiritual as well as Physical development, the world changes too.  

Then we can understand that all Beings not only belong to our Spiritual family but serve as our Teachers, our Gurus – especially when they disagree with us, challenge us or make life seemingly more difficult! When we realise that our life here is a School from which we can learn how to be Spirits in our various forms, then we can also understand that it is more important to answer Life’s questions than to ask “Why me, why now, why that, why them?

Perhaps we are here not to ask impossible questions but to answer them through how we live our lives, and to work with the Creative Forces, forging meaning both for ourselves and the World, maybe for the Universe, maybe for Worlds unimaginable in this present School of Life, in the realm of Space-Time. When we realise these things the World changes for the better and we can begin to understand and work together with our fellow Spirit Beings in what ever form they appear – to be kind and tread gently while taking the lead in creating better and more meaningful experiences for all, in every Realm of Existence.

March 1, 2017

Trained by my dog Sammy

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Sergeant Major Sam regulates my day,alerting me to visitors, herding me to get his tea, and demanding walks and trips out. Sometimes he will even come and find me by the computer to announce the name of a person downstairs in the kitchen in his gruff voice “Sairr Rahhhh, Sairr Rahhh” – and then ushers me down. With most people visiting however it is a particular sort of bark. He uses his mesmerising eyes to full advantage – every morning after his ablutions he comes and sits by my bed, alert, to attention, and his eyes fixed on me. It is his wish and command that I make the bed, and before I have finished he jumps up, curls into a ball and goes to sleep. He will regularly remind me of meal times, mine as well as his, and is generally precise in his routine. I am not so regular and this can frustrate him, and he gives out little growls to remind me – and when it is time for a bit of fun an d play too! It’s true that dogs have been training us monkeys with shoes for thousands of years, and they are still doing it….

February 27, 2017

My dog has marvellous Accountancy skills……thanks Sammy!

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I know Mr Sam has many skills, of course he is our wee dog, but even I was staggered when he showed knowledge of Accountancy. Today Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs sent me an important letter detailing my Tax position and Code for the following Tax year. Not terribly interesting just now, so I set it aside for future filing in the appropriate tatty Box File. But Samuel McSomerled ARCCA took it upon himself to deal with the letter in his own inimitable way – I discovered a large bite shaped piece had been removed and eaten – the bit telling what my new Tax Code is going to be….Thanks Sam, it can now go in that special file under the desk – the waste paper bin.

February 26, 2017

UK -One Party State?

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Is the Uk becoming a one Party state? Labour a joke. UKIP gone phut. Liberals a whimper. Scots Nats irrelevant. Small parties a few squeaks…is there ANY opposition to the Tory Party?

February 20, 2017

Trump has demeaned himself and his office by creating fake news about Sweden

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Either Trump has created “false news” e.g. Lied or he is so incompetent that he believed a right wing documentary on Fox News was real! Either way, looking from this side of the pond, he has behaved in a way that demeans himself and his office.

February 17, 2017

Blair antics – the Comedy Show comes to Britain

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Has Tony Blair entered the realms of delusion and fantasy?  Is he off his rocker?  This smug, arrogant and deceitful EX  Prime Minister, ultimate symboil of the rich, entitled liberal elite, is calling for people that voted Brexit to “rise up” and fight to reverse the referendum decision (democratically obtained mind you) for the UK to exit the EU.  I did not agree with him about invading Iraq and backed the Protest – but he conned most people including the MPs and that terrible mistake of a war happened, following him apparently praying together with Bush…I have to admit I dislike his namby pamby voice and he reminds me of my condescending school prefects (“get your hands out of your pockets Burnfield”)  I thought the Trump comedy Show was entertaining enough, now we have our own home grown clown.

February 11, 2017

Are liberals liberal anymore?

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People who consider them selves liberals have become actually less tolerant and more inclined to impose their self satisfied ideas as of some sort of entitlement! Many of these people come from the political and professional sections of society – and collude with a corrupt system that keeps the rich rich and the powerful powerful. It was because of this misguided sense of superiority and entitlement that Hillary Clinton, the ultimate symbol of the liberal elite, lost out to the businessman and individualistic bully, Donald Trump. So there are bullies and people with fascist “I know what’s best for you” sentiments polarising against each other….where have the true liberals gone?

Are the Liberal Elite now the real Fascists?

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​A very good Any Questions and Any Answers today, always good to hear what the listeners of all backgrounds and political colours think and feel.  Someone suggested that the Liberal elite are the new “fascists” – an interesting idea….they certainly have the power 7and money –  and control the media.  Someone else pointed out that in the 1930s the Fascists in Germany scapegoated Jews and minorities to deflect away from a broken system, and that Trump is doing the same in the USA and that Brexit is a similar process in the UK – with the Government not condemning racism in any real way, but blaming Europe, immigrants and refugees.  We must all be aware of the inner fascist in each of us and a tendency under stress to blame others rather than putting our own houses in order.  Even the Angels bow to those that show restraint….

February 9, 2017

Trump the Bogeyman!

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​Is Trump the new bogeyman?  Is he the Napoleon of the modern age?  Someone we love to fear but also like to make fun of?  The British are fascinated by clowns in politics at home or abroad, people that  we admire, laugh at but find very scary – Nappy, Putin, Maggie and Blair, Jeremy, Boris and Mandy.  And now Trump.  We need these people to spook and entertain us, to laugh at and gossip about on Facebook and Twitter.  So long as they never get near the Nuclear Button….

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