November 12, 2018

Armistice Day – 100 years after the Great War

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With my niece Alice and her son, my great nephew, Felix – photo by Craig

Morning: Thinking of two Great Uncles I never met, both called James, and both killed in the First World War. It is likely that my maternal grandparents met because of their shared grief – both had lost beloved brothers….

Evening: So much sadness, 100 years since the end of the Great War – but this evening all over the country there are fiery Beacons of Hope and the ringing of Church bells. Penny and I have both been out to see the burning Beacon across the Test Valley on Stockbridge Down. A symbol of reconciliation and hope for Peace in times to come after the sacrifice of so many past lives. But it’s not going to happen without a lot of work and especially restraint – “even the Angels bow to those who show Restraint”


November 8, 2018

The Tyranny of the Offended

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Just heard an angry young woman complaining about the learned Philosopher Sir Roger Scruton being appointed to a non paid position promoting good Architecture – because he has different views from her on homosexuality! Well I guess they had to give her a say for the sake of “Balance” – something the BBC is obsessed with – but personally I am sick of these petty dictators, the professionally offended, who wish to impose their own biased and often immature views on the rest of us. As one commentator pointed out, this intolerance of others expressing different opinions from their own is characteristic of Maoist politics. I deplore this culture of the offended and the closing down of communication, witch hunts, and manipulation by fear. If we have nothing else, we do have freedom to differ and say what we want in this country – at the moment…

October 31, 2018

Ansells Mild – just the job!

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October 24, 2018

Poor old Sammy had to wait for his breakfast….

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I could not work out where the strange low key whining sound was coming from – it turned out to be Sammy, making sorrowful noises every now and again while I ate breakfast. I got up to take him out, but instead he went and pointed his nose up towards…..his breakfast, which I had made some time ago but forgotten to put on the floor for him! What agonies he must have been in seeing me eat while wondering why he could not have his bowl! Poor dog, he scoffed it down quickly and then we went out to enjoy the fresh morning air and sunshine.

October 16, 2018

Blessings from the edge of the Sea

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A helpful conversation with the Great Spirits of nature, and a ritual of gratitude, peace and light – connecting to Life Beings, Ancestors, and Existences yet to come into this apparent world. Blessings from the crashing waves of the ever changing sea here on the edge of Lyme Bay, and may Light and Compassion be present in the Hearts of us all 💥💥💥

October 13, 2018

Crack Withies

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Crack, and then another crack echoes around the meadows in gale force winds and balmy Summer temperatures. These occasional mini explosions are the result of large branches coming off the Willow Trees, characteristic of English Water Meadows, and a favourite subject for the renowned Artist, Constable. The fallen branches continue to grow, and that is one of the main ways Willows spread. Locals call these explosive trees “Crack Withies” – they are beautiful and dramatic trees and the fallen branches are good to sit on.

October 10, 2018

Hot England!

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Well, what else is a silly old man going to do but take some photos of his environment as the Sun begins to go down and the Shadows lengthen?

October 9, 2018

Church of St James, Bossington, Hampshire

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The little Church of St James at Bossington where my parents got married, and where I was Christened 73 years ago. My maternal grandparents and my Aunt Dorothy are buried here together with men and women who worked with them at Bossington Farm, and Florey the Gypsy – as a child I used to visit her in her caravan. St James is on the Pilgrim route to Sant Iago de Compostella, and there are images of a Scallop inside. Henry the 5th camped here with his Army in the meadow opposite the Church the day before embarking for France at Southampton. The ancient Roman road from Winchester to Sarum is at the other side of this field and then passes through Bossington Farm.

My niece Cordelia with me honouring our family and Ancestors

Russian doctor – a chemical weapons assassin?

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Doctors are often the baddies in fiction but I was horrified to hear that a member of our honourable fellowship was apparently one of the two Russian assassins in Salisbury administering chemical weapons. This will be deplored by the Profession generally, but how will Russian doctors respond? If they have any guts about them they will condemn such dishonourable and unethical behaviour by a colleague.

October 3, 2018

Tory Jungle Games

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The political scene is not an edifying one – a time for switching off the radio and being grateful for the simple life of a countryman. The big beasts in the Tory Party are playing jungle games – Theresa May the gangling prey, Boris the incompetent Tiger with nothing new to say, full of puff and indignation. Waiting in the Forest are the cunning Gove, a Carrion Crow and a strange Monkey like creature, the Mogg. Deeper in the Forest is another creature, Jeremy Goody Two Shoes and his adoring Worshipers….who will strike first?

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